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2017 R2-KT Halloween patches!
It's that time of year again and the Halloween series has been one of the most popular of the KT patch offerings. This year our daughters, Elizabeth and Julianna, sat down and designed three very cool concepts from classic horror franchises. Dave Liew stepped in to expertly transform their ideas into beautiful final designs!

* Price: $7 apiece * Shipping: Just $1 covers shipping for every 5 patches ($2 outside the U.S.)
* PayPal to
* Size: 3.5" fully embroidered
* Orders being taken through end of October, delivered end of October
* All profits being directed to Make-A-Wish Foundation

R2-KT Pink Brigade Logo patches!
Droid friends, This year we launched the R2-KT Pink Brigade to celebrate all the Star Wars costumers who embrace the pink side of the Force in the name of various charities. 501st member Jair Aranda surprised us with a cool logo to go with the site, and fans have asked for it to be made into a unit patch. Each member that signs up to be in the Brigade will receive a free patch (so let us know if you're one of them!). And we will offer the logo patch to fans everywhere to show their pride.

* Price: $7 apiece * Shipping: Just $1 covers shipping for every 5 patches ($2 outside the U.S.)
* PayPal to
* Size: 3.5" fully embroidered
* Orders being taken through end of July, delivered mid-August or earlier
* All profits being directed to Make-A-Wish Foundation
* (please note, final patch design will be a simpler version without the minute details, due to the stitching process)

The Minions are BACK! For a limited time, we're re-running the very popular R2-KT & Minions patch designed by Juan Jose Matamoros back in 2012. #8 in the R2-KT Fan Club patch series, it is a big hit with kids. Just in time for the June 30th release of Despicable Me 3. Get yours now, as well as a sticker!

* Benefits: Make-A-Wish Foundation
* 4", ships in late June
* Patches: $7 apiece ($5 for orders of 5 or more) plus $1 shipping (to cover entire order; $2 for orders outside of the U.S.)
* Stickers: $1.5 apiece or $1 apiece for orders of 5 or more stickers * PayPal to

We are Groot!
The last thing I expected was to fall in love with an animated tree. But Groot (especially baby Groot) is pure magic. Darrin Brege, friend of the Legion and artist on the upcoming book "Dad wants to be a Stormtrooper," is known for his awesome mash-up art. He was inspired and whipped up a sketch on a whim. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 coming out May 5, we thought folks might appreciate a little love from the baby tree.

* Benefits: Make-A-Wish Foundation
* 3.5" round, ships in early May
* $7 apiece ($5 for orders of 5 or more) plus $1 shipping (to cover entire order; $2 for orders outside of the U.S.)
* PayPal to

Vader's Fist Coins
Been asked countless times to do a coin of the Vader's Fist logo. 20th Anniversary is a good time to do it. Open to any Star Wars fans, this is my personal sigil.
Each coin $8 plus $3 shipping (covers up to five coins ordered; $5 for orders outside the U.S.; $5 each on orders of five or more)
PayPal to
all proceeds to fund Legion and KT projects of mine, including copies of the coin to give to Legion friends and Honorary Members - anything left over goes to Make-A-Wish
Many thanks to Dave Liew for both designs
Orders taken til Aug 15, ships in late Aug early Sept

Vader's Fist Patches
It is with great pride we mark 20 years since the Legion was born. My personal sigil has been Vader's Fist, a symbol that inspired the story of the 501st and its role as Vader's personal unit. This year I'm running a one-time 20th Anniversary commemorative patch to celebrate.

The design, by Dave Liew, is a beautiful rendering of the original logo with a bolder fist and twenty stars to mark the years since I first donned the armor.

* Patches fully embroidered with metallic silver thread.
* $7 apiece plus $1 shipping (to cover unlimited patches) or $2 for orders outside the U.S.
* Patches $5 apiece for orders of 10 or more.
* Paypal to (or if that's easier)
* Open to Star Wars fans everywhere including non-Legion members.

Here's to Twenty Years of the Legion - growing stronger and uniting Star Wars fans around the world!

R2-KT St. Patrick's Day!

Get a touch o' the green! R2-KT St. Patrick's Day patches, the first of the series! Lucky for anyone proud to wear it.

Cost: $7 apiece, free shipping to anywhere. $5 apiece for orders of 10 or more!
How to buy: PayPal to - benefits St. Baldrick's

2016 Christmas Patches

Christmas season is upon us! This year we celebrate the spirit of the Christmas Carol and its message of redemption. Grumpy old Vader Scrooge has seen the light, thanks to Tynee-KT, and together they share the joy of the season.

Meanwhile, the bad guys do what they do best: enforce the rules. This year, the First Order is here and they've recruited the Wampa to form the new Krampus Detachment! Krampus is an old European myth of a monstrous creature dressed in red robes that roams the world during the Christmas season to beat little children who have been naughty. Wherever naughty kids refuse to be good, wherever coal is just not enough to change their minds... the Krampus Detachment is there to set them straight.

Both patches designed by Dave Liew. Available now through the first of the year.
Cost: $7 apiece, free shipping to anywhere
How to buy: PayPal to - benefits Toys-for-Tots.

This is the original. R2-KT 3.5" pink patches - $4 each plus $0.50 shipping for every two ordered.

Walking Wounded Trooper Patches
Not Every Fight is a Stand-Up Fight

As founder of the 501st Legion, I am proud to share that I am an amputee and I've marched proudly in some of the greatest of the Legion's campaigns. So here's my shout-out to every Star Wars fan who's overcome disabilities and suited up as a proud member of the costuming community. Whether they're Imperial, Rebel, Mandalorian - they are my heroes! Know one? Just send us their name and address and we'll ship these off to them for free as our salute, and list them in the roster of the Walking Wounded:

Cost: $7 apiece, free shipping to everywhere
How to buy: PayPal to
4" shield or round, fully embroidered, ships immediately

The Bag Depot is proud to announce our newest items, featuring that beautiful pink droid with a "Heart of Gold" --their two bags with custom printed R2KT fabric! To help KT spread her mission of hope, all bags sold include a $5 donation to the Make a Wish Foundation. These will be available at next week. You can email to get on the pre-order list!

Amanda Kehl of Kehl Creations is producing crocheted Star Wars items including a 6.5" tall R2-KT! $5 of each R2-KT goes to Make-A-Wish! Check out her gallery of items here

Our friend Caitlin at Bright Copper Penny studios surprised us all by sending us this gorgeous penny blossom she hand-crafted. And look at what's decorating the center! ALL proceeds from the sales of these blossoms help little baby Leah and her parents, Francesca and DeltaSquad Boss with the STAGGERING costs of her treatment. And for only $7.50? Crazy affordable for such a cool decoration. You can order them at their etsy site: Bright Copper Penny and check out here other awesome geek-chic themes!

Click Here to see a list of R2-KT items that have been offered in the past. See something you like? Just email us and let us know it's time to do another run! Star Wars fans love to show their support with t-shirts, patches, and costumes. Many fans even dress their pets in Star Wars themed costumes for special occasions. For anyone interested in collecting trading cards, the Blue Buffalo Blue's Buddies site allows dog and cat owners create a trading card of their beloved pet. A Blue Buffalo pet trading card with a photo of your pet in a Star Wars costume would be great to share with other fans.