Detention Block 2551

Imperial Standard Issue

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20th Anniversary OG Troopers Patch
In 1998 the 501st Squad met for the first time in Atlanta, GA for DragonCon. A handful of Stormtroopers from all over the country in one spot: a humble beginning for what would become the worldwide 501st Legion!
This year marks the 20th anniversary of this moment. To commemorate, I gave artist Dave Liew one of the early snapshots from that weekend to create a proper shout-out to the original troopers. Done in the style of the film Reservoir Dogs, OG Troopers recognizes those original troopers may not have had today's perfect armor, but they were pioneers!

2017 Kylo & Vader Christmas patch
If Kylo had a Christmas wish, I bet it would be to hang with Grandpa. So how would two Sith celebrate Christmas?
The Kylo-Vader design came to me as an idea to show the family connection during the holiday season, while also a play on words from the Christmas song 'We Three Kings': Kylo embodies the wonder he shows towards Vader, and Vader represents the dark side much like night versus day. And of course, the Death Star is the fun player in the background. :)
All credit to Dave Liew for making it look so amazing!

* Size: 4" fully embroidered
* All profits being directed to Toys-for-Tots charity

Vader's Fist Patches
Birthplace of the Legion: a silly website where TK210 and TK512 logged their adventures while neglecting their post aboard the Death Star. Ah, the memories!
After many requests, doing another run of the Detention Block 2551 patches from two years ago. Beautiful artwork by Dave Liew. It's a piece of Legion history and a reminder that big things come from humble (and fun-loving) beginnings.

* Open to Star Wars fans everywhere including non-Legion members
* all proceeds go to Make-A-Wish

Troop on!

Vader's Fist Patches
It is with great pride we mark 20 years since the Legion was born. My personal sigil has been Vader's Fist, a symbol that inspired the story of the 501st and its role as Vader's personal unit. This year I'm running a one-time 20th Anniversary commemorative patch to celebrate.

The design, by Dave Liew, is a beautiful rendering of the original logo with a bolder fist and twenty stars to mark the years since I first donned the armor.

* Patches fully embroidered with metallic silver thread.
* Open to Star Wars fans everywhere including non-Legion members.

Here's to Twenty Years of the Legion - growing stronger and uniting Star Wars fans around the world!

Walking Wounded Trooper Patches
Not Every Fight is a Stand-Up Fight

As founder of the 501st Legion, I am proud to share that I am an amputee and I've marched proudly in some of the greatest of the Legion's campaigns. So here's my shout-out to every Star Wars fan who's overcome disabilities and suited up as a proud member of the costuming community. Whether they're Imperial, Rebel, Mandalorian - they are my heroes! Know one? Just send us their name and address and we'll ship these off to them for free as our salute, and list them in the roster of the Walking Wounded:

4" shield or round, fully embroidered

Galactic Academy Items

Galactic Academy Patches

The Galactic Academy starting in 2010 as a way to offer kids a chance to join the fun of Star Wars costuming like the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs, and Saber Guild. Divided into age groups and alliances, kids can join the light side or the dark side and work their way up from Rowdy/Shell-Shocker to Protector/Firebrand and finally Paladin/Howler classes! Below are patches available for the cadets to wear proudly. Learn more about the Galactic Academy at! * 3.5" fully embroidered patches in brilliant colors - seven designs, from the main logo to all three age classes in both dark side and light side
* Price: $5 apiece or $25 for a full set of logo patches
* Shipping: $1 covers shipping for every 7 patches ($2 outside the U.S.)
* PayPal to