R2-KT User Guide

Listed below is documentation on R2-KT and normal operational guidelines I use.

All three power chargers trunk into one wire that plugs into the rear octagon port. There is a switch hidden next to the port that has three positions. The central position is neutral for when KT is off. Turning the switch to the right activates all systems for 'power on'. Turning the switch to the left draws power from the plug to the batteries for charging. Click on the thumbnail picture to the left for a larger view.

The 12 volt batteries charge for 10 hours each and yield about 2 hours run time.
The small red RC battery and the RC hand held transmitter charges for at least 12 hours.
Batteries should not be plugged while unit is not being used or they will drain slightly.
The one 12 volt battery for the sounds will last a long time before requiring a recharge.

Here is a wiring diagram of the dome electronics

Here is a reference list of parts on the standard R2 unit.

Dimensions for the decal on the back of R2-KT: 10.8644" x 4.0181"

Compression Ring Plyers, these look like a regular set of plyers except that there is a little reversable lever on it, so you can use them to either open or close a compression ring. If you look down inside the hole in the back of the holo eye you will see a little groove cut out in it, this is for the compression ring, it holds the lens or "cobachon" in place. I believe these are 1/12 inch compression rings. These plyers also have a flatter look to them and will have little nipple ends, these fit into the two holes on each side of the compression ring, when you "close" the plyers it pulls both ends of the ring closer together and in theory, makes the ring smaller in diameter, this will allow you to insert it into the hole in the back of the holo eye, once you feed it into the groove on the inside, you can release pressure on the plyer and it will allow the ring to expand back into its normal diameter holding the lens in place. you can get this tool at any lowes or menards, ect, ect, mine cost about 20 bucks and had different sized attachments (nipple ends) in the kit, ask a lowes dude for "compression ring plyers" and they should be in the tools section.

Dome Battery

Fry's Electronics - Genesis brand? model?
Damien's battery has the label: output of 12V @ 1.2 amp-hours
House of Batteries (800) 432-3385
(714) 962-7600
The charger Damien uses on the battery:
Hobbico 12V charger, class 2, output 12V @ ??? ; Stock # HCAP0200 ; comes with alligator clips

Jerry's main batteries are listed at 12v @ 7 amps output

Source of chargers online: http://www.atbatt.com
Possible charger for the dome battery: http://www.atbatt.com/product/6839.asp

Connectors on the batteries are called blade connectors, the connectors on the wires are call Faston tabs (or F1 (.187" wide) or F2 (.250" wide) tabs). Click Here to view the different tabs.

There are tons of sound files on the sound card in KT. You can take the green colored plate out that has all the boards mounted to it. There are four or two screws holding it to the aluminum rods in the back. Remove those screws and the whole thing pulls out. We left enough wire so you can do that. Just make sure nothing comes unplugged. There are specific names for the 12 files you want to use. Look on the sd card and files starting 1 thru 12. those are the ones that play now. If you want to use another sound you just have to rename the file to match the button. 1 thru 12. I think its files 1C or 1O (1 closed, 1 open)