Repairs and Mods made to R2-KT

July, 2017 : Michael Cummins repairs KT's ankle that broke down during Celebration Orlando. He found a lot of other areas that needed work, mostly the skins which had taken a beating.

November 7, 2006: Jerry sent me replacement parts for the side vents and pocket vents. The parts in place were nice enough, but nothing beats sturdy aluminum! Below shows the before picture, the new parts taped in place while the glue dried (which isn't too strong in case I need to remove the side vents to remove the skins), and finally the finished product on both sides. R2-KT looks better than ever!

October 30, 2006 Katie's sister, Allie, added pictures of Katie to the interior of the droid. Now R2-KT will always be close to her namesake.

One of Jerry's associates custom designed a logo banner for the back of R2-KT. Unfortunately, the sticker takes a lot of abuse during transport of the droid. Here is a re-rendering of that logo by Mike "Batfrog" Phelps that he did to create copies for me to use when it becomes necessary to replace a sticker.

I recently performed some maintenance on R2-KT. Here are some pictures. Click on them for a closer view.

August, 2006
The ground wire for the drive motor and dome came loose during the trip from Maryland.
Interior of R2-KT when dome is removed.
Closeup of wire after repair.
Back of R2-KT after I installed the rear octagon port and power coupling parts
Closeup showing installed parts. Notice the KJ sticker I applied. This is the sticker troopers of the 501st Legion wore in honor of Katie. Created by Mike "Bat Frog" Phelps.
Interior of dome. I installed some cable stays to keep the wires from dangling down and getting caught in the wheel that turns the dome.
Another view of interior of dome.