R2-KT's Play Room
Here you'll find games, activities, and pictures that you can enjoy.

Activities and Coloring Pages

A build-your-own R2-KT in cube-craft, by the artist "Carpebri" at http://carpebri.deviantart.com/

Blue Milk Special held a contest for the most original milk carton that would hold Aunt Beru's concoction of choice. It was nice to see that Jerry, a graphic designer, designed an R2-KT milk carton and even included diagrams on how to make your own! (click on the pics to the left, print, build, and pour!) Just look at the gradients and the linework! Very nice work. I wonder if it can hold droid oil too?

In what has to be the funniest twist on R2, Star Wars the official website designed an easy-to-create droidel dreidel for the Jewish holidays. Oy! If the page ever goes down, then I'm sure they won't mind that I copied the file locally for all the boys and girls to enjoy. Clieck here to see the official Star Wars site

Click on the images to open up coloring book pages for you to print out. Color R2 pink to look like R2-KT. Color C-3PO any way you want (the goofier the better!). Send us your colored pages and we'll post the most interesting picturs online here! All pages can be scanned and emailed to r2kt@albinjohnson.com.

Word Find for Droid-lovers.

Where’s Wall-E? is a step beyond Where’s Waldo?! This poster, created by Richard Sargent, features a crowd of robots that should be familiar to you from movies and TV. Can you find Wall-E among the many?
Here's a visual key. Click HERE to see the answers.

R2-KT's Photoshop Photo-Album

Going pink is so much fun, even newcomer BB-8 is getting in on the act!

R2-KT has had some off-world adventures, thanks to some photoshop magic.

Here are the four jawas from our Toys-For-Tots event, posing with R2-KT in Tattooine.

Click here and here to load the photoshop files if you'd like to try and photoshop the gang into other locations. I'll be happy to post them here on R2-KT's picture gallery.

Wacky Droids from around the web

At Celebration 3 in 2005 I wandered into the droid room by accident while in my stormtrooper armor. One of the droid builders put together a very cool deathstar wall backdrop for people to get their pictures with R2 and threepio. I stepped up just to look at the droids, but an endless stream of fans wanted me in the picture.
Finally my wife Kathy came to save me. Something about hanging out in the droid builders room was just so peaceful. There was this enormous field of positive Star Wars energy being given off. It was probably my favorite place in the entire Celebration.
From a band's album cover. Call it R2-grunge
Neat collage of droids created and posted on the r2builders group page.
Eric Harshbarger created this masterpiece, which can be seen at his website: www.ericharshbarger.org
In 1999 students at MIT broke into the great dome on campus and converted it to a tribute to our favorite droid.
Another R2 makeover was done on the Steward Observatory in Arizona in 2005. Can someone have them make over the water tower near my house?
And for a hat-trick, here's Goodsell Observatory at Carleton University in June 2010. Nice!
Submitted as part of a Star Wars photoshop humor contest on the website worth1000.com
Anonymous pic on the web displays two kids showing off their Star Wars spirit

Droid Reference Chart
Hasbro released an Astromech Series I and II set of droid action figures. Here's the copy from the advertisement:

You've seen these droids before while watching the movies... but where can you find them? Here's a quick guide.

R2-A6, R2-M5, and R2-C4 can be seen serving the royalty of Naboo during Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. R4-A22 wanders around the Coco district on Coruscant during Attack of the Clones.

Those looking for R4-E1 and R3-T2 need look no further than Mos Eisley Spaceport, right around the Cantina scene, in the original Star Wars while R3-T6 can be seen on board the original Death Star. R2-X2 can be seen in the Rebel briefing before the attack on the giant space station, while R2-Q2 can be seen at the beginning of the film when Leia is captured, as well as in the socket of an X-wing Fighter at the end-- just who does he work for, anyway?

Finally, fans of R3-Y2 know he's hiding in the Hoth Rebel Base scenes in the Empire Strikes Back, just barely visible as the Rebels realize the Empire is on to them. So there you have it! Each and every one of these droids was designed by Lucasfilm for use on-screen in the Star Wars Saga-- keep an eye out for them next time you watch the movies!