R2-KT's Pink Brigade
Embrace the Pink side of the Force!

All around the world, friends of R2-KT appear in Star Wars costumes to spread the magic of a galaxy far, far away. Some represent the light side, some represent the dark side. For some, fun and helping various charities and raising awareness show they come from the Pink Side. Here is a gallery of Star Wars fans who've taken up the banner. Want to join? Just send us a photo of you in any kind of costume re-imagined in pink! Just email to: r2kt@r2kt.com and we'll get you in the ranks!

August 4, 2017: Roberto Vilchis and the Mexican and Skull Garrisons presented a young woman with a special gift from the Pink Side of the Force: a pink Stormtrooper helmet to help her in her fight!
She's Cinthya, She's a real warrior, a Nice and strong woman, that is fighting with cáncer, asthma and epilepsy, she was very happy at expocoleccionistas being part of the 501st Legión for 1 day, and we're very happy and proud that the Mexican and skull Garrisons together make this happen!

The Pink Force

Andonni Serrano of the Spanish Garrison has built his own R2-KT as part of the AmbassaDroid program. He and his fellow troopers have joined the Pink Brigade and call it The Pink Force locally. This is the logo they use. They visit many hospitals and hand out the stickers to kids. Wonderful work!

The Pink Brigade

Jair Aranda had some fun with the Pink Brigade logo patch he designed.

Force for the Cure!

R2-KT is a proud partner with the Force for the Cure gang! Force For The Cure is a non-profit organization of Star Wars fans who have united for the fight against Breast Cancer. You can learn more about them at their website: forceforthecure.weebly.com