R2-KT Testimonials
Testimonials from friends of R2-KT from around the world

I love what R2-KT stands for in our Star Wars community, and beyond! I love what you guys have done in Katie's name and how much that has continued to expand! From all of the benefits to the fundraisers, to these patches and coins!! It has been a great inspiration to know that even the smallest thing (both figuratively and literally) can make a HUGE impact in this world! We need things like KT (and like you) to spread the love, compassion, caring, and generosity that this world, AND especially this country, is lacking right now! Thank you for all that you do in your daughter, and family's, name, and for representing the Star Wars community in a fantastic way! - Kei The thing that made me like R2-KT was the simple fact that itís a PINK Star Wars droid. I love Star Wars, and I love pink so I immideatly decided that I liked it. And when I then read the backstory of how R2-KT came to be with the gripping story about Katie our future together was sealed. Being a father myself, to a daughter in the same age as Katie was, the story struck a nerve. And now, some years later having lost my father to lung cancer my dedication to fighting cancer, and especially pediatric cancer is still as strong. I buy the patches, I spread the Word, I support the causes and different pink Star Wars formations around the World. The fight will never cease before the disease is gone.

We will remain strong for those that donít have that energy themselves right now.

- Roger

I love the story of the creation R2-KT and her mission, and I frequently tell others. I love that she inspires girls in robotics. I love how much R2-KT brings people together to raise awareness and funds for so many important causes. I love that R2-KT always brings smiles and hope to those fighting cancer of all ages, including me. I love that R2-KT is a true movie star who volunteers and gives back to her community. I love that R2-KT inspires the 501st and Rebel Legion members to create the Pink Brigade!

- Beth

Hi! I love R2KT, because she is helping bring both support and awareness to several charities that uplift our community. Thank you R2KT!!! May the Force be with you!

- Glenda

I really do love what R2-KT stands for and does helping charities for kids with illnesses. It really is something I can get behind because when I was young about 7 years old I had an older friend who was about 13 years old who had terminal cancer and ended up passing. It was a long process but what made it a cool story was that my dad and I would go to his house or hospital every few days depending on where he was and my dad would teach him magic tricks and would then give him the tricks so he could practice and show them to people. It was amazing seeing how something like that was able to bring him joy and in return he was able to give joy to so may people around himself while he went through his ordeal. Because of this experience I have always had a heart for young kids with illnesses and hope that one day we will find cures for many of them!

Thanks for all you do!

- Kyle

What I love about the KT Brigade is the it give hope for children and helping different organizations to show that theyíre people who care and want help wether big or small and put a smile on some kids and show that there is hope and it creates a positive atmosphere.

- Ralph

What I love the most about KTís mission is how you and your family have turned a tragedy into something truly amazing. Keep up the great work.

- Duane

My love & connection with R2-KT goes back to my introduction to the 501st Legion. When researching the organization and meeting its members I learned that they were a bunch of people, roughly my age and were mostly doing charity work. It was like a dream come true. After joining the Legion I was rapidly introduced to KT's name-sake Katie & her story. It touched me deeply. Being a father of daughters & having a "close call" medically with my oldest; it made a deep connection with me. KT's mission of helping began to become my own.

Being blessed to have "worked" with R2-KT (assisted with "pit crew" & operated her) I got to see first hand the joy and happiness this little pink astromech brings to so many. Children's faces would light up just by seeing her. And even when they found out she wasn't that other astromech, they would still play & dance with KT with glee. Even if they (children & adults) didn't know her or her story, It made them want to know more. And I was honored to be a mouth piece, at that time, to relay Katie's story and let them know of the hope KT tries to bring today.

R2-KT is one of my personal connections to the Star Wars universe. With the awesome oppertunity in seeing her on the big screen in The Force Awakens made that connection even stronger. She also is a continued inspiration to the fact that I know I can give to others & help others. Even if that help is by donating here or sharing there. Every "little" bit helps.

Thank you Pink Brigade and R2-KT for continuing to be a part of the good fight. And Thank you Albin for your bravery and humility in letting Katie's story be known & touching so many of us.

- Andrew

My favorite thing about R2-KTís mission is her ability to spread the joy of Star Wars to kids and adults alike worldwide. Albin has done such a tremendous job of raising awareness of and vitally needed funds for numerous charities, helping families around the world cope through difficult times. This is one cause I willingly support.

- Jarrod

R2-KT serves as an inspiration for all. To remember those less fortunate both in health and circumstances. To reach out to those in need, whether feeding the hungry, helping in a hospice, or working with abused animals.

- Jodi

R2-KT is the greatest thing ever made to support and bring awereness to cancer. I know how hard it is to live with it, I lost my mom from cancer a couple months ago. R2-KT really helps children and brings a little support and love in their lives while they fight hard against cancer.

- Stephanie

The favorite thing about R2-KT is that my daughter loves telling KT's story to anyone and everyone. R2-KT inspires children to be interested in helping others while enjoying Star Wars.

- Ann

I love that R2-KT brings Star Wars fans together to help raise funds for many needy and well-deserving organizations! Keep up all the great work!

- Dave

When I first heard of R2-KT, I thought nothing of her. I thought it was just a pink version of R2-D2 for the little girls who were Star Wars fans. But when I got older and started my Star Wars Hot Wheels collection, I came across the R2-KT car on eBay and my interest peaked so I went to look her up. Thatís when I came across a bunch of news articles about this young Star Wars fan named Katie Johnson who was suffering from cancer. My heart immediately sank. In the article, it described how Katie loved R2-D2 especially the scene in Episode II when R2 is watching over Padme while she slept and Katie wanted her own droid to watch over her as she slept. I thought it was wonderful that the R2 Builders Club all worked together to build an astromech for little Katie and have it watch over her during her battle. Katieís story hit hard. My mom is a cancer survivor. My baby cousin wasnít so lucky. My fathers baby brother wasnít so lucky. So I immediately felt and prayed for the Johnsonís and for all families who deal with this awful disease. Seeing R2-KT make appearances to childrenís hospitals and see their faces light up getting to meet a real astromech from Star Wars brings joy to me. Because it shows that even when battling cancer, kids still have joy and smile. These kids are the toughest people in this world. I pray one day soon, cancer will be a thing of the past, so no kids have to suffer. No parents have to suffer. No one has to suffer from the loss of a loved one due to cancer.

- Steven

The best thing about R2-KT and her mission, apart from the fact she's the cutest, coolest astromech ut there, is the hope it gives to young kids who may be facing tough times. I know Star Wars of late has been very heavily focused on 'hope', but for R2-KT to be such a visible beacon of hope for all Star wars fans young and old....you just can't buy that. Long may it continue.

- Mark

I love everything about R2KT, and how she stands for Hope and Love!! I always love wearing my R2KT shirts, ppl love them and I get to tell ppl about her and how she came to be, and the awesome work she does!! I also refer them to her website.

- Mary