R2-KT Fan Page
R2-KT has a lot of fans. Here is a collection of fan-inspired art, photos, and other stuff. Most of it ends up being displayed or stored right next to the girl herself.

Kris Hawley is a 501st Legion member and an emergency room physician who restores vintage Star Wars toys. He was restoring a classic Kenner X-Wing when he had the inspiration to re-imagine it as a KT custom fighter! This piece is enshrined in the R2-KT collection and will go on tour with all the other pieces. What an amazing piece of priceless Star Wars magic!

Cool KT items created by the fans in Singapore and presented to KT on her visit there in 2018

This custom was presented in Singapore by Muhammad Shahiful Mahmood aka PsyfoolRulez Customz

Lynn Ryezal from the Singapore Garrison showed off a custom X-Wing he created with KT in mind. I got to see it up close and it's even more beautiful in person.

Andrew Auton was so excited to collect all of the R2-KT Puzzle Patches that he posed action figures of each droid next to their respective patch and checking it out with KT. What a great family photo!

Cosplayer Karli Woods celebrated Valentines Day with an homage in pink Star Wars:
"The newest tutu to my collection is R2-KT! She is a tutu full of LOVE. Inspired by the super cute astromech droid R2-KT, which was created in honor of a extremely brave & strong little girl named Katie who battled cancer. You can find this droid touring the world spreading the joy of Star Wars, and hope for children who suffer from childhood illness. Today is a day of LOVE where we can "Embrace The Pink Side Of The Force". I will be hosting a live stream on Twitch tonight at 5 PM EST, I will be wearing R2-KT! All proceeds will be going to Make A Wish Foundation. Come join me for some cupcakes & games! Dress made by me!" Photo by @aliciamoretto

Roger Friberg from Sweden shows us his unique way of displaying R2-KT patches, present and to-be-announced. Very cool.

Michiko and fellow trooper's son (CX10109)in pink jawa

Pam Rose has some serious Star Wars pedigree - she appeared as Leesub Sirln, an alien hottie in the Cantina scene in the original Star Wars (1977). She's a real sweetheart on the convention scene and a good friend of R2-KT. The two met up at Celebration Europe II in 2015 and it was a meeting of two lovely Star Wars characters!

By Katie May3, 2016
Coming from a costuming and cosplay background, I decided to make a costume for my first Half Marathon! R2-KT is a wonderful pink droid created for a young girl who was battling cancer. She is no longer with us, but her light still touches us through the little pink droid. I used a Champion Tech Shirt, puff and fabric paint, and a Sparkle Athletic skirt. Spencer printed off a template for me to trace and after a few hours of paint, it was done! I used as little paint as possible to help with keeping the shirt cool.

Bryan Kan from Perth, Australia made this AWESOME R2-KT LEGO! Here's the comment he left on his site: "In Memory of Katie Johnson (1998-2005). Here's my MOC of the R2-KT based on the instructions of the Lego 10225 UCS R2-D2. Special thanks to Amy Lau for the pink bricks and stealing her idea."

2017 assorted fan pics sent in:

2016 assorted fan pics sent in:

2016 assorted fan pics sent in:

"My name is Jeff Ruggaber. I teach art in Racine, WI at Red Apple Elementary School. This year we were inspired by not only Star Wars, (my whole classroom is Star Wars), but we were also inspired by the story of R2-KT and Mr. Johnson's continued work at making kids like Katie smile. I had all 300+ students design their own R2. It was huge success (see picture) below. From there the students decided that they wanted to do more. We will be presenting a check to Make-A-Wish Wisconsin for over $1400 on May 4th. I'm contacting you in hopes that you could forward this onto Mr. Johnson to let him know that we at Red Apple are inspired by him and his daughter and are doing our part to make kids smile here in Wisconsin. Art has truly awoken Red Apple School."

Dave Petty has long since created a one-of-a-kind KT car. Color us surprised when it came up on the internet as a meme!

Hayley Spivey Dietrich sent these neato cookies they made at the Children Exceeding Expectations school for kids with cancer in Bristol, TN.

Andrew Auton sent in this photo of his R2-KT figure collection. (from r to l): Modified Clone Wars R2-D2, modified vintage R2-D2, converted red astromech from Lego, 2007 SDCC con exclusive R2-KT

Heiko Vogel showing off his sweet jacket! Who says pink ain't cool?

R2-KT at home with the family!

2016 - James Floyd did a "365 Days of Star Wars Shirts" on Facebook for a charity drive. He's a contributor to Club Jade, StarWars.com, and other online SW news pages. KT was t-shirt #275!

2016 - Custom Star Wars dice game figures

2016 - this lovely lady showed off her homemade KT themed fashion and really got the internet buzzing in Texas. She was very cool when we reached out to ask permission to post. She was thrilled to know everyone loved her dress. Well of course - it's a masterpiece!

2016 - Felt Plushy Craft KT

Author unknown - but check out the level of craftsmanship that went into this custom KT quilt!

2015 assorted fan pics sent in:

Some creative decorations with R2-KT patches!

With all the popularity of BB8 from The Force Awakens, fans have thought up some cute mash-ups of KT and BB8. It's gotten pretty creative, and why not?

Janice sent us this masterful piece of crafstmanship, converting standard cloth into a custom R2-KT baby carrier (with hood coming!).

Fans mounted a massive petition to Funko to get them to make a cool R2-KT Pop! Figure. This was the mock-up one of them created and we agree it would make a far-out figure!

These adorable twins took the Calgary Expo by storm, and even got captured on video and posted on Clive Standen's (who plays Rollo on History Channel's Vikinds) Twitter account!

Andrew Auton created this mock-up of a R2-KT action figure card.

Sent this great fan-built R2-KT model. This came out great!

Dave and Ken Jordan created an impressive display stand for all kinds of R2-KT memorabilia. It gets a lot of use at cons when KT is on the scene.

Guess what showed up in the documentary on Steve Sansweet's tour of Rancho Obiwan!

You see this, right? Screen shot sent in of the t.v. show How To Build Everything featured something pretty cool in the background!

Sometimes R2-KT shows up as some of the craziest decorations.

Andrew Auton liked the Christmas Candy Cane Throne patch so much, he figured it would make a pretty cool custom figure diorama

A fan sent in this shot from the Battlefront screen saver

I don't know if you'll ever see these on a rack, but fans look to make just about anything nowadays. So maybe check Pinterest and you too can have R2-KT footwear!

Adam Jacobs sent in this street art found in Rexburg, Idaho this week. Apparently this artist tags R2-D2 all over town, and just decided to throw some R2-KT into the mix!

Scott Bristol surprised the Johnson family with these extremely cool golf shirts personalized with R2-KT on them. He also fashioned these custom KT and pink BB-8 figures by hand. These mean a lot to us and we wear the KT shirts in interviews, which make us look good! Thank you!

A shadow box featuring some of the coolest pieces of KT tribute.

Astromech Collection made up a series of droid stickers for Christmas and this is one they sent us that really caught our eye.

Tom O'Connor and his son loved seeing R2-KT so much in The Force Awakens they had to custom build a LEGO R2-KT from scratch - awesome!

Christine was one of the 501st invited to L.A. premiere of The Force Awakens. She sent us this photo of her attire of choice for the red carpet event. Nice!

Some fans saw our TFA patch celebrating KT in the movie and just had to make up shirts!

Jaz sent us this ADORABLE shot of her daughter all decked out in a custom dress from custom fabric. Can't think of anything cuter.

Myla sent in this shot of their Inspiration Board at the Iolanthe Alpaca ranch for kids with cancer. What an amazing place, and we're honored they added R2-KT patches to the wall. Go "Like" their page here: http://fb.com/iolanthealpacas And learn more about these heroic kids at their website: http://iolanthealpacas.com/ikids/?p=4989

Jeff Pashley from the UK custom painted this R2 model into R2-KT with some detailed weathering for what could easily be a character straight off the screen and worthy of the Star Wars universe.

Christmas cookies are always fun, so why not a cute pink robot!

Joel Weyers made this custom wooden R2-KT statuette to raise funds for Make-A-Wish - beautiful work!

Jonathan Wilkins sent us this amazing toy being sold in the UK - the R2 Robot Grabber Arm! Cool that they mixed things up with a pink version and even included a photo of KT from Clone Wars!

Fan caught this shot of what appears to be a pink astromech - not sure what it is, but makes for an enjoyable decoration of some kind!

Photo sent in from Jaime showing her cool knit caps she makes, which you can find at Rekindle Spindle

Leading up to the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy the 501st Legion featured a modified cast line-up we think would have made a pretty good movie!

Random photo sent in of a R2-themed throw blanket featuring a wide assortment of colorful droids. Definitely in KT's color wheel!

Jolanda Ramaekers-Caspari in the Netherlands inked it up with this beautiful custom design! What's better than one droid? Two droids in love!

Paul Johnson sent in this beautiful graphic he created to celebrate R2-KT. As always, he has a touch of elegant subtlety that makes images come alive. And for any fan of the original Star Wars Trading Cards, this makes you smile. (click on the thumbnail to see a larger version)

The Nerdist posted a collection of R2 themed funny images, one of which featured R2-KT shooting a selfie with R2-D2. I later got to see the props in person at Celebration 7 in Anaheim and even got a shot of the piece. Looks like the artist was Danielle West. Beautifully done!

Dave Johnston just sent in this *AMAZING* cross-stitch he lovingly did in his own hand.
"My most recent attempt. It took about 59 hours over 3 weeks to complete and is about 8" in diameter. I sent this one directly to R2-KT herself, so hopefully she'll enjoy it!"
*WOW* cross-stitch is so intricate only a truly dedicated person can make something this beautiful. This will be treasured in the R2-KT museum as well as displayed at her events. Thank you so much, Dave - you show amazing talent and it touched Katie's entire family to receive it. Rock on!

Karla Buenfil Ponce surprised the love of her life, Diego Adame of The 501st Legion Mexican Garrison, with this one of a kind AWESOME patch on their second anniversary together. This has full approval by Artoo Katee so it's legit. Unfortunately, it s not available to KT's fans it's a limited run for just them and our archives. What a wonderful tribute to love between those who feel the Force! Congratulations, Karla and Diego!

Lesley Farquhar, longtime friend of KT and 501st Legion member, is an amazing seamstress. How amazing? So amazing she commissioned an R2-KT design for fabric, then turned that fabric into one-of-a-kind custom works of art in the form of purses, handbags, and actual dresses! What? Wow.

Sean Galloway agreed with us all that the only thing the vintage Star Wars figures were missing was a KT model! So here she is, in all her retro glory, along with a 2007 limited edition ComicCon 2007 exclusive KT that was sold to raise over $100,000 for Make-A-Wish. Everyone should have a healthy respect for the vintage stuff. Source: The Astromech Collection FB Page

Ricardo Blaso Collins, editor for the Astromech Collection FB page, created this custom banner to celebrate International Women's Day - how appropriate to have both KT's up there, R2-KT and her alter ego, QT-KT! Source: The Astromech Collection FB Page

Droids come in all kinds of material, including felt! Maria Jose Rogina from Spain did these adorable felt figures of some very colorful droids. Source: The Astromech Collection FB Page

B.J. Olejnik created these cool 8-bit droids and if you're like me then you'd LOVE to see a game chock full of 8-bit astromechs tearing it up! Source: The Astromech Collection FB Page

Jewelry designer Paul Michael had pink on his mind when he crafted these special and expensive pieces of bling. A ring fit for a princess! Check out his work at paul-michae1-jewelry

Mara-Belle D'Lacur sent us these AMAZING photos of an art project she did using her imagination to create a tea pot. Can you imagine a cooler tea party than one using this as the center piece? Art in its truest form!

Nadia Mendoza sent in this photo she took of a custom R2 she painted pink and decorated up to make one cute couple photo with R2-D2. We love the ears and bow! Might have to make up a set for KT to wear on special occasions!

Joy Raikowski wanted to celebrate a personal victory in her life and had this amazing tableau inked on her. When it came to creating an astromech on one end (one of her favorite characters, she asked for it to be pink for R2-KT). Joy believes in the mission we do with R2-KT and honored us with this story. Amazing! Ink by tattoo artist Kevin Riley @ www.kevinrileytattoos.com

Astromech Collection Photos
The FB page for The Astromech Collection is chock full of goodies for droid fans and here we collect all the photos I could find featuring R2-KT in them. Awesome stuff. Special thanks to "Nonentity" who created some of these. If you know of any photo credits let me know and we'll post them. So much fun! Source: The Astromech Collection FB Page

One of KT's friends sent in this work-in-progress photo of the cool project Cal and Kathy Pierce are doing over at Faraway Creations (www.farawaycreations.com) - a baby-friendly KT "costume" - just adorable!

KT buddy Mike Kurtz visited LEGOLand and found a LEGO R2 that captures the KT spirit with a few color variations. Love that they can take a theme and make it their own. Very well done.

Kristin Mason sent in these pics of her R2-KT Christmas tree! She's decorating it with all the patches that we've done as charity fund-raisers in the last two years. Wow. It's still in the works but here's star topper - what a special tribute to Katie!

Christophe Impines sent in this great pic of how he uses his 2" cell phone KT stickers to trick out his sweet headphones. Can you hear the beat? I think his favorite pop star must be Pink (ooh, bad one)

Someone on ebay was hawking this custom-made R2-KT figure - VINTAGE STYLE! I'd love to say we didn't want one but that's pretty cool!

Someone had the idea of taking PINK material to fill in an R2-D2 silicone mold and voila! You have little KT's! Very clever!

The Carolina Garrison surprised us with this amazing photo taken of Chris Bartlett in his superb C-3PO rig and an R2-D2 from the region. This group looks perfect - why weren't THEY the heroes in A New Hope?

Random photo from the web showcasing someone's wedding cake featuring R2-KT as the bride.

Amanda Kehl of Kehl Creations is producing crocheted Star Wars items including a 6.5" tall R2-KT! $5 of each R2-KT goes to Make-A-Wish! Check out her gallery of items here

Artist Eric Siebeneck's girls sent a big shout-out when they received their R2-KT minions patches. Now those are some cute minions!

One dad posted on his blog that he created a home-made R2-KT so his daughter could finally have one. Nice work on the custom packaging!

Found this on the web. Apparently someone's gone to the trouble of making R2-KT pins - WANT!

FlyGuy from Pinterest posted this pic of some custom LEGO figures he created. Why doesn't LEGO just make a KT figure? She's perfect!

Gene Peacock sent in this image from a commemorative event where KT and the local Fire Department showed their pink pride.

Carla on flickr posted this pic of her materials in making an R2-KT beanie hat. "I have a friend who is a member of the 501st, and I was so moved by the story of R2-KT that I decided to make a R2-KT hat for his daughter. The yarn is 80% cotton and, appropriately, 10% steel." We love it!

Here's an ad on the computer game Second Life for an avatar of R2-KT! Looks like a cool car ad. We love the "manipurator arms"

A quick search on the web revealed that KT has been attending some pretty crazy robot parties and we didn't even know about it!

Blue Milk Special held a contest for the most original milk carton that would hold Aunt Beru's concoction of choice. It was nice to see that Jerry, a graphic designer, designed an R2-KT milk carton and even included diagrams on how to make your own! (click on the pics to the left, print, build, and pour!) Just look at the gradients and the linework! Very nice work. I wonder if it can hold droid oil too?

We'd love to say this came as-is, but Simon MacDonald from KT's Facebook page managed to recreate this popular pic, found on the web, into a KT-themed image by just switching the blue to pink. Way to go, Simon! Thanks so much!

Carl Girard sent us a request to develop a proper R2-KT avatar in Second Life, including a detailed rendition of the sticker from her back. I approved the effort, requiring him to donate any sales of such work to be donated to Make-A-Wish in Canada. So look for KT to be buzzing by in Second Life!

Picture taken at Celebration Europe II where the International Star Wars Flag of Friendship was displayed. Check out R2-KT in the mix!

Christophe Impines' son, Dan, got to meet some of Star Wars' greatest heroes (and villains!) at CE2 and he was sportin' the KT shirt the whole time. Way to go, Dan!

Dimitri Vergison is a master of creating Star Wars art from wood, cranking out lightsabers and death stars and all kinds of cool pieces. So for CEII he decided to create droids and did so as a charity fund raiser. We were honored to find out that KT would be one of his four awesome droids. These look amazing.

Longtime friend and KT supporter Tom Schaefer (aka Mayor of Star Wars Town!) in his R2-KT shirt at the 2013 Ride for Kids event.. Benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Hist total turned in for donations was $1330 !!! Way to go, Mister Mayor!

Jason Pangborn sent us this pic of where he keeps his R2-KT original logo patch - right inside his Artoo unit, alongside an autograph by none other than Kenny Baker! Wow! How's that for squeezing some awesome into a tight space?

Found this picture of Joe Walser's amazing R2 collection. *WOW* Now that's a LOT of droids! I am so jealous, my R2 collection pales in comparison. But it's nice to see a dash of pink in there! Meanwhile, someone else sent me this pic of their droid collection posed in formation - a beautiful wedge and there's our girl leading the pack.

William Tatsch sent in a pic of the Legion table display from ComicPalooza 2013 in Texas - even though KT wasn't there, she was properly represented!

Early December 2012 we received this lovely R2-KT stocking in the mail from a fan. Not sure who it was, the envelope got lost in all the chaos. If you know who sent this let us know. It hangs from the mantle right between Katie's stocking and R2-KT herself! Merry Christmas it was indeed!

Jazlynne Wilson from the SoCal Garrison of the 501st Legion wore this amazing poodle skirt to San Diego Comicon 2012 in honor of KT - look at that craftsmanship! Just amazing. We love you, Jazlynne!

Bob Olszewski brought his R2 unit to a local grade-school class where they learned about Star Wars, science, and KT and her mission to fight pediatric illnesses. What a great looking class! Thanks, Bob!! Here's what he wrote:
"It was my turn to be mystery reader at the twins school today. In honor of SW day, the teacher had everyone in the morning class dress up as their favorite character. I sweetened the pot and brought my R2 out for his first public appearance (what better way and Day). After story time, R2 made his rounds and played with the kids. The teachers had me tell a short story of the 501st and R2-KT. The children are in the middle of raising money for charity so it all blended well. They asked about R2-KT and I explained as best as I could. My children gave out 300 hundred r2kt stickers (that your sent me the proof of) along with some other 501st goodies. ,..some we're immediately plastered on folders and bookbags, and as I left the parking lot, on the bumpers of Mom&Dads cars. During story time I had the teachers print out some photo copies so we could take these pictures for you. Hope you enjoy them.
Bob Olszewski
Public Relations Officer
Empire City Garrison"

Christy Laguna sent this pic to us via Facebook - check out the cool company KT keeps when she's a plushy!

501st Legion member and close friend David Petty asked if he could paint his R2 dome to match KT's and install it on his ground-based starship. Looking good, Dave!! Truly a beautiful testament to KT and her mission. We also like the shot you took in the Delorean with the KT shirt!

Look who just found us in the Complete Guide to the Clone Wars!

Lori Sartre found these adorable knit KT's on the website http://woolbuddy.com/2011/03/r2-kt/ ; Another fan sent in the last pic from a convention where she found some of these adorable plushies available for pick-up!

The Weavers got an early Christmas present in December 2011 and celebrated by showing off their 2011 R2-KT Christmas patch. Pink never looked so good!

MSipher from DeviantArt created this hilarious diorama - much thanks for the wonderful shout-out to a pink droid who, in truth, would have a hard time fitting in with the Imperials. LOL Here's what he had to say on DeviantArt:

"I'm sure it shocks no-one that I have Star Wars figures. It's about the only line I collect outside of Transformers, and I've been hellaciously picky as to what I get from it as of the last few years... I'd say I've gotten MAYBE 5% of the SW output for the last 3 or so. It felt good to almost totally clean-break from it and start really getting rid of vast numbers of redundant and unwanted figures I'd bought hwen I had more money than sense.

I tell you though, Hasbro grabbed my snarglies with the whole "Droid Factory" deal. I'm a sucker for SW droids, particularly Astromechs. So when Hasbro made R2-KT, the pink droid in the image, I had to track one down. The story behind the droid's creation is also pretty heartbreaking.

But that doesn't change the ridiculousness of this bright pink droid as part of the 501st, the "elite" of the EVUL EMPIRE.

Man, she's in the Clone Wars movie. I wonder if they'll make a cartoon-style fig of her. Yes, I'll buy it. Sigh.

In case you're wondering, the font is the Shortpacked! font, and the backdrop is the inner cardboard part from the Star Wars Transformers Darth Vader/Death Star toy. It makes a real nice diorama setting."

To see more, visit Deviant Art here: http://msipher.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=72#/d1lhjwp

French Garrison of the 501st hits the surf!!! Béatrice CALVEZ (SL1824) and Julien Vergnes (SL 8106) show off their surfboard decorated with the KT logo! Can a droid hang ten? Maybe hang three. But water is never a good idea for a droid... just look at what happened to R2-D2 on Dagobah! Still, the French Garrison shows they are the coolest kids around!

Keiko 'Organa' Koide from Japan sent us pics of her dazzling tribute to KT using decorative bead-work. The decorated R2-KT was unveiled as part of the "Mini R2-D2 Project" at local small Star Wars convention in Japan. The project was for displaying decorated or arranged original R2-D2 works of art. The decoration work was simple in concept but tough to get to work. In Keiko's words, "I got to know about Katie on the 501st Japanese Garrison website. So I created the R2-KT decoration with my deeply thoughts of her. I'm so sorry for the loss of her." Keiko keeps a Star Wars blog at http://blog.azure-angel.net/

Genna Bigger sent in a photo of this awesome tattoo she got while at Celebration V in Orlando, Florida in 2010. It's a tribute to our favorite pink droid! Now she and R2-KT are skin-sisters!

This was sent in to the R2-KT's facebook page and WOW does it look amazing! Tattoo artist Nick Baldwin paid attention to detail by including the custom flower on KT's back, then featured KT popping out of it. So cool! Nick works at Gung Ho! Tattoo, Moseley, Birmingham, in the UK. If anyone knows who wears it, please let us know!

Nancy Mildebrandt showing off a custom tat she got of R2-KT on her leg - KT is becoming quite the tattoo fashion statement!

Kori Cruz loved the Katie Cook print featuring R2-KT and little Leia so much she went out and got it inked on her! Wow, that came out pretty nice!

The 501st Legion Mexican Garrison hosted a drawing contest with R2-KT as the featured inspiration. The MG has done amazing work in their country representing Star Wars. We can't wait to see what artwork comes in that we can show off to the fans!

Someone submitted a funny twist on "Pink Floyd" with this cartoon on Icanhazcheezburger.com - hey, R2-KT is a pop culture reference! Cool!

In 2010 I found this loving tribute to our favorite droid on the internet - then I saw it in person at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim! So now you get a better photo and we know who made it and when! Just proof you can make anything out of LEGOs (without buying a specialized kit)! I think KT would like that her dome looks like she's wearing a crown. :)

SheVaCon 2011 : R2-KT gets a hug from sci-fi star Virginia Hey!

Adam Shaw from Atlanta, Georgia sent in this picture of a product released in 2010: a sticker dispenser with different Star Wars characters featured on a roll of stickers. Here we see our girl in Clone Wars style!

Great pic submitted by Wibo Sebul-Barbe from Germany showing her sporting a KT tattoo. Awesome!

Richard Walker sent in this picture of a full-scale stationary replica of R2-KT built by the Norwich Star Wars Club UK. She's a beauty! Not only did she accompany fans on their outings, but in 2010 she was auctioned off as a fund-raiser to raise money for a child named Sophie who required a special vest to help with her health. Owen Wright and Dominic Warner, also part of the NSWC-UK and the R2 Builders Group, have plans to build another stationary KT that they will sponsor as the UK version of our girl. Pretty cool!

Anthony Forrest (Sand Trooper, Fixer from ANH) was on hand at Con Carolinas in Charlotte, NC in 2009 and befriended our little girl. Since he was one of the stormtroopers looking for a droid in Star Wars, it only seemed appropriate he found one here!

This picture was snapped at the Roper Mountain Science Center in Greenville, SC. The mother sent it in and it looked so cute we had to post it here. Her email read: "My daughter's name is Genevieve and you're welcome to post her name and picture. I love this picture myself, and my daughter giggles with glee when she looks at it. Thank you for sharing your R2 unit with the children. I hope it makes many more smile as it did her. -Sonya"
It sure made us smile! Thanks, Sonya and Genevieve!

Tori Carroll was at Dragoncon 2009 and posed as Jedi Barbie with R2-KT. This is what she had to say on her website:
"Jedi Barbie meets R2-KT! This was taken by my boyfriend at Dragon Con 2009! I was Jedi Barbie. Costume was completed within the last 3 days before leaving. The first time putting it on was at Dragon Con! But it was awesome and totally worth the lack of sleep! My light saber was in even pink! That's actually what inspired the costume! I had my picture taken for MAXIM.com! Check it out here: [http://www.maxim.com/girls/girls-of-maxim/84060/girls-dragon-con-part-1.html#4] I'm #4 on the lineup...since it won't bring you directly to that page for some reason. So Awesome! How will I ever 1-up Jedi Barbie?!"

On November 22, 2009 Joseph Schönberger (TK-3699) from The 501st Legion, ran in the Philadelphia Marathon in FULL TROOPER ARMOR on behalf of Katie in a program he started called Kilometers For Katie. The program enlists runners from all over the world to run in a combined effort to raise money for Make-A-Wish. Congrats to Joe and all the runners, walkers, and participants who are making kids' dreams come true! Visit their website here: www.km4kt.com to learn more.

Little Amelia was one of the lucky little girls to get her very own R2-KT action figure. Look at that smile - that's what it's all about!

María José Rodríguez Rogina sent in this pic of a cute little paper R2-KT she made!

The Green Lantern Corps (GLC) is a fan club operating in the internet gaming community of Second Life since 2003. Not only do they celebrate the heroes of the DC Comics of the same name, but members also band together as a multi-national public service organization addressing a host of important topics. They serve in many different areas including Anti-griefing Patrols, Orientation Assistance for New Residents, Parcel Security Configuration for Land Owners, and Fundraising for Second Life Charities. For their sixth birthday the group held a week-long celebration revolving around colors of the light spectrum (the heroes of the Lantern Corps have powers related to different colors - The Lantern Corps also have different costumes to reflect the different spectrum they are in). Saturday, June 27 marked the day of "Indigo - Compassion: Good Deeds are Super in Second Life." Atragon Karu presented the story of R2-KT: The Imperial Droid with a Heart of Gold, The story of the Star Wars R2 Unit, R2-KT, and the fight against pediatric cancer. The online observance included an assembling of virtual characters gathered around a shrine built to R2-KT and the memory of Katie herself, which will be kept as a part of a growing charity-minded section of the Second Life environment. Below are snapshots of some of the group posing around their new monument.

Justin LaSalata - aka "JediJustin" - from Long Island, New York sent in this photo of a cake he and his wife created for Easter. Wow - never thought of the tie-in with the Easter holiday. Considering the spirit of the holiday, it seems quite appropriate to celebrate Katie's memory with an Easter cake. And I know she would have wanted to eat the whole thing herself!

Someone posted this picture to our Facebook page of slot machines they found in Vegas with a color variation on the familiar R2-blue. The far right droid looks close enough to our girl that we had to post it!

R2-KT takes to the skies! Someone took their limited edition San Diego Comic Con exclusive figure and fashioned her into the droid chassis of their Jedi Fighter. Nice! You can tell the little girl is impressed. :)

Another fan sent this in: customized RC R2 units, one in our favorite color. I wonder if KT holds R2's remote?

Katie's little sisters, Elizabeth and Julianna, love their R2-KT knit caps that were sent to them as a gift.

Trooper TK118 Tom Schaefer from the Midwest Garrison also costumes as C-3P0 and showed us that even threepio is partial to the pink astromech.

Karen Maxwell posted on ravelry.com in October 2007 that she had completed a custom R2-KT knit cap she had made in honor of the droid. She writes, "R2-KT is finished. I finally tucked in all of the loose ends tonight while watching Torchwood with my friend Coleen. Yes I love the Sci-Fi.
I knitted R2-KT in Knit Pick's Wool of the Andes Lake Ice Heather, Pink Cheeks, Black and Red, on size six circs and dpns. I followed mega(k)nit's recon page and Alison's Warm A** Hat pattern a bit for help remembering how to do double knit. This hat is warm. I plan on actually wearing it this winter. Happy knitting.

She also posted a picture of her with her sister, wearing matching droid caps. Where were those on Hoth when they needed them?