List of R2-KT Patches

List of R2-KT Patches

Below is a comprehensive list of R2-KT patches that have been offered in the past by various people. If you see something you like, but it's not on the order page, just email us at and we'll see if we can do another run! :)










R2-KT Patches created with Permission

Force For The Cure is a non-profit organization of Star Wars fans who have united for the fight against Breast Cancer. One of their fund-raiser items features R2-KT and we couldn't be more proud!
You can visit their site and learn more here:
Artist: ???

Fund-raiser body patch of R2-KT - this patch raised funds for the purchase of a trailer to use when hauling R2-KT to her event appearances.
Artist: Ken Jordan

Karla Buenfil Ponce surprised the love of her life, Diego Adame of The 501st Legion Mexican Garrison, with this one of a kind AWESOME patch on their second anniversary together. This has full approval by Artoo Katee so it's legit. Unfortunately, it s not available to KT's fans it's a limited run for just them and our archives. What a wonderful tribute to love between those who feel the Force! Congratulations, Karla and Diego!

The Worldwide Star Wars Fan Groups Flag of Friendship project started out with fans from Norwich, Norfolk Star Wars Club in the UK and has expanded to embrace the entire world! Richard Walker and the fine folks there asked if they could create a small run of their logo patch featuring R2-KT instead of R2-D2 and feature them at Celebration Europe in 2016. We of course said yes, because their organization does so much good to build a worldwide community of Star Wars fans. They went even further and sold the patch (limited run of just 100) and donated the money to charity. Very hard to find now, but it's a beautiful patch.
You can visit the club's Facebook page to learn more: