R2-KT Donor Page

I cannot tell you how much this droid means to our family. It is an embodiment of Katie's youthful spirit, her strength through adversity. Just as R2-D2 managed countless obstacles in the movies, Katie was the little kid who took on cancer and never complained. I can never thank the people below enough for their time, energy, talents, and financial support. When I touch R2-KT, I can feel their compassion speaking to me. And as a father, I am utterly grateful for this timeless tribute to my beautiful daughter. A copy of this list will rest inside R2-KT for all to view.

God bless you all for your kindness.

Pictures of some of R2-KT's Donors, all showing pride in their handiwork...
Victor Franco
"Shaggy" the "Redeye Knight"

Honor Roll of donors who helped make R2-KT a reality.

R2-KT received an invite to be in a wedding in 2010 and it was apparent she was overdue for repairs to her wheels and drive system. Andy Schwartz and Dan Baker to the rescue as they prep'd for the big day. Among the supporters were more donors among the builders. These guys make the entire thing possible so a big thanks go out to all of them.
Greg Tracy - new wheels
James VanReenen - Knurled fitting lock plates

Darren Murrer - Aluminum Large Data port
Oscar Banos - Aluminum Arms
Tiny Panganiban - Spektrum Transmitter and BR6000 Receiver
Nick Bishop - Case for Transmitter
Tom Doucet - Aluminum Vent Internals

Fall of 08:
Darryl Sorensen - 3 Batteries
Max Cerventes- 12 channel remote Antenna
Kevin Helmig - 12 volt battery tender charger and 12 channel remote
Ethen Eho - Power Distro board
Mike Senna - Battery elimination circuit board
Doug Dixon - Battery charger and connectors
Arnold Tompkins - 12 volt fuse block
Jerry Chevaliar - Ankle Blocks

Original build:

Jerry Greene:
Ankles, Outer - Aluminum
Ankle Brackets, Outer - Aluminum
Ankles, Cylinder Holders - Aluminum
Ankles, Cylinders - Aluminum
Ankles, Side Details - Aluminum
Ankles, Wedges - Aluminum
Body, Coin Slots - Aluminum
Body, Restraining Bolt - Aluminum
Body, Side Vents - Aluminum
Body, Skirt - Aluminum
Feet, Center Foot - Steel
Feet, Outer Feet - Steel
Feet, Hose Fittings - Aluminum
Leg, Shoulder Buttons and Hydraulics - Aluminum

Jerry Greene & Shop:
Legs, Outer - Aluminum
Leg, Horseshoes - Aluminum

Azman Sugi:
Dome, HP Lens - Acrylic
Dome, HP's - Resin
Dome, Rear Logic Display - Resin

Tom Doucet:
Misc, 2" Plastic Ball Casters
Misc, Electrical connectors
Misc, 12 Channel RC Switch for Sound Board

Keith & Andy:
Body, Large Data Port - Resin
Feet, Sides - Resin
Leg, Struts - Resin
Leg, Booster Covers - Resin
Leg, Under Shoulder - Resin
Dome, Front Logic Displays - Resin

Misc, Feet Drive Parts - Scooter Motors, Wheels and Belts
Misc, Rockler Bearing - Aluminum
Body, Skins - Aluminum

Kevin Helmig:
Misc, Motor Controllers
Misc, Receiver & Transmitter (RC)

Dan Stuetten:
Body, Power Coupling Internals - Resin

Jerry Greene & Mark Kingery:
Body, Frame - Aluminum

Guy Averett:
Body, Center Leg Mtg. Brackets - Aluminum
Dome, Drive - Aluminum

Marcus Kraus:
Body, Front Vent Internals - Resin

Nick Murray and Chris Lee:
Body, Utility Arms - Resin

Jon Lyna:
Body, Leg to Body Hubs - Aluminum

David Shaw, Ron Barklay, Anna Aytes, Benjamin Perron, Craig Rundels, and Brian Grisson:
Dome, R&J - Aluminum

Jim Shima:
Dome, Electronic Lights

Mike Velcheck:
Feet, Braided Hose - Bronze

Frank De Brouwer:
Feet, Strips - Aluminum
Ankles, Center - Aluminum

Craig Smith:
Feet, Battery Boxes - PVC

Tony Carter:
Body, Octagon Ports - Resin

Vincent Sanchez:

Greg Tracy:
12 Volt Batteries

Darryl Sorensen:
Circus Pink Spray Paint & JB Weld

Kimihiko Nakamura:
$100 towards construction costs

Victor Franco:
$100 towards construction costs

Yasuyuki Sato & Goro Inoue (Japan 501st Garrison):
$300 - Money for Sound System

Victor Franco, Brian Clark, Yoshi, Raul Raygoza, Goro Inoue, David, Mark Schwarz, Philippe Phung:
$500 for delivery

Tom Jozwiak:
Wire and remote control

Mike Senna:
Skin Assembly

Alex Kung:
Feet Drive Assembly

Kelly Krider:
Assemble Dome and Dome Electronics

Federico Sesler:
Donated Skirt

Jeff Storm:
Assorted Droid Parts

Damien Metz:
Logic Display Holders, Dome Bezels (all 3 front and back) and 12V rechargeable battery for the dome lights.

Paul J. Bussiere:
PSI lights (front & back)

Greg Tracy
R2KT vinyl sticker

Pat Coajou
Scotor motor holders

Heath MacMillan and Kelly Krider
Budget Aluminum Feet