The Star Wars saga conjures up some of the most amazing imagery and imagination. R2-KT has been lucky enough to be featured in some amazing artwork of her own. We love ALL original artwork and any submissions go in our online gallery! You can see the gallery here: KT Art Gallery

Some artwork is requested for use in charity fund-raiser products like embroidered patches. If you would like to help with a fund-raiser project, we would love to feature your work. The typical charities are Make-A-Wish, the Give Kids the World Village in Orlando for children with health issues, St. Jude's Hospital, and more.

Pieces for use in fund-raisers might require a little work to convert to a format friendly to production as a patch or sticker. Line art with solid colors tends to work best. Submissions have ranged from digital drawings delivered in vector format, but we can also work with scans of artwork if they are large enough.

The key requirements for artwork to be used as patches or stickers would be:

Here's an example of an art submission that was both beautiful original art AND a version for use as a sticker or patch. The artist, Juan Jose Matamoros, created a *beautiful* piece of art we love to showcase on the R2-KT website. But he was also kind enough to render it for embroidery along with a color reference chart. Click on the thumbnails below to see in higher detail. The first image is the water color he did as a stand-alone piece of art. The second image shows how he cleaned it up for use as a patch design. The third image reflects a color change to the character's hair. Sometimes adjustments are needed as the concept comes to life.

If you're an artist who would be interested in contributing a work of art to the KT Gallery or even produce a patch design, we would LOVE to showcase your work. Please feel free to contact us by emailing