R2-KT AmbassaDroid Program

Ever since her rise to stardom following her appearance in Clone Wars, R2-KT has come into high demand. Not only is she a beloved part of the Star Wars universe, she's become a symbol unto herself! Fans and children meeting her have expressed the joy and inspiration they've felt in making contact with the legacy she represents.
The only problem: R2-KT can only be in one place at a time.
Petitions began to come in asking to make duplicate models of R2-KT: two-legged stationary, three-legged moving, stationary statues, etc. After much consideration, we decided we couldn't keep such a positive symbol from being available to Star Wars fans around the world. So we adopted the R2-KT Ambassador Program. If you are interested in building a full-size replica of R2-KT, please contact us at r2kt@r2kt.com so we can work with you on the best way to represent KT and the work she's been a part of. If approved to be part of the Ambassador Program, we will send you a sticker to place on your KT to show she is registered and recognized as part of the mission. All we ask is that you do not make personal profit from the use of a KT unit or that you do not allow a KT unit to be utilized in a manner that is disrespectful to the story behind the character.
So while there is the one and original R2-KT, there is plenty of room for her to have sisters. We only ask that you allow us to register your KT so the world can know she's part of the team.

R2-KT AmbassaDroids

R2-KT AmbassaDroid #1 - United Kingdom

Builder: Norwich Star Wars Club
R2-KT ambassadroid 1 is a stationary two-legged display unit.

R2-KT AmbassaDroid #2 - Puerto Rico

Builder: Eric Santos
Eric converted a stationary statue of R2-KT into a light-up prop and drivable prop. The make is based on the animated Clone Wars version of R2-KT. R2-KT(2) operates in Puerto Rico.

R2-KT AmbassaDroid #3 - Spain

Builder: Andoni Serrano
Andoni is a trooper with the Spanish Garrison whose family has struggled with cancer. He built this three-leg mobile KT unit to help with their charity efforts.

R2-KT AmbassaDroid #4 - Texas

Builder: Dave Petty
Dave Petty is a longtime friend of the family and wanted to take R2-KT on the road (or into space, thanks to his cool starship-themed car)! Now KT's sister patrols all the 501st troops in her area of Texas