R2-KT's Adventures in 2018

Star Wars Day Singapore: May 1 through May 6
R2-KT was invited to be the guest of honor for the Star Wars Day festivities in Singapore. Sponsored by Esprimo and Disney, the Star Wars Day May 4th Festivities and Star Wars Run on May 5th featured a fan zone full of activities, music, games, and fund-raising opportunities as well as a 5K and 10K run for fans from all over. The 501st Singapore Garrison hosted the event and was joined by troopers from other 501st units in Southeast Asia including Maylaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, and Redback Garrison (Australia). The trip also featured a visit to the Sandcrawler building to visit the Disney and Lucasfilm Singapore offices, as well as a visit to KK Children's Hospital to entertain the younglings there. It was a magical whirlwind journey but well worth it as KT visited Asia for the first time! Many thanks to:

Meeting with the Lucasfilm and Disney Singapore office crew!
Photo 1: Ale Melendez, me, Haikal Mohamed (Disney), Fifi Maree
Photo 2: Sylvie Li, Lucie Casale, me, Gabriel Mandala
Photo 3: me and Fifi Maree
Photo 4: Ivor Legarda, me, Fifi Maree, Amanda Gwa, Ale Melendez, Carlo Ruiz
Photo 5: Ale Melendez, Haikal Mohamed (Disney), me

Cool KT items created by the fans in Singapore and gifted to KT on her visit there in 2018