R2-KT's Adventures in 2016

Children Exceeding Expectations
R2-KT's mission to the Children Exceeding Expectations school in Bristol, TN was a big success thanks to Hayley Spivey Dietrich and the troopers of the 501st Legion! Three garrisons converged to help the brave kids celebrate Valentine's Day and kick off their trip to Disney World! Interesting fact about this school is that not only is it a free school for childeren who are battling cancer and can not attend their regular school, this school meets in the sky box of the Bristol Dragway. Awesome kids, our heroes!

St. Dominics Math and Science Night: Johnson City, TN
Phil Ledford and Mollie the Jawa entertained the kids at Math and Science Night, showing our scientists of the future what is possible when you use your brain.

R2-KT Spanish Ambassadroid

Celebration Orlando 2017: Friday

Celebration Orlando 2017: Saturday