R2-KT's Adventures in 2016

R2-KT Gets Strange!
When Stranger Things premiered on Netflix everyone knew it was special. Most amazing was the character "Eleven," a little girl some thought had cancer but who had special gifts. She touched our hearts and inspired us all. So we featured Eleven and KT in a Fan Club patch. Imagine our surprise when Dave Gremillion took it as his personal mission to gift Millie Bobbie Brown with the first of the Stranger Things KT patches! Dave says she LOVED the patch. We didn't know we could love her even more!

R2-KT in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Lucasfilm contacted us late in 2015 asking if we'd be cool to have R2-KT featured in future Star Wars video games. Of course we were all onboard with that. Lucasfilm does amazing work and we knew they'd show R2-KT in the best possible light. So when word came in that she was appearing in the new LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens game, we were thrilled! Here are some screen shots sent in by fans. Everyone writing in was so excited to bump into KT. One person even sent us a video of KT dancing!

2016 HeroesCon

R2-KT Con Display
R2-KT was busy on the road appearing at conventions in the Southeast U.S. Here are photos of the fantastic display board created by the R2-KT Pit Crew members Dave and Ken Jordan!