R2-KT's Adventures in 2010

Wedding: January 22, 2010
R2-KT was invited to participate in a wedding in Alabama.

Clemson SC Lego League: March 6

Roper Mountain Science Center: April 10, 2010
The Carolina Garrison of the 501st Legion headed out to Greenville, SC to entertain the kids at the Roper Mountain Science Center. R2-KT was a little confused by the planetarium - it looked like a giant R2 unit buried halfway into the ground!

Free Comic Book Day: May 1, 2010
Our annual tradition continues at Comic Nirvana in Lexington, SC as the Carolina Garrison descends on the fans to spread some cheer. Katie would have been proud to see a pint-sized Wonder Woman show up - it was six years ago that she did the same thing at Jody's shop.

"Where Science Meets Imagination" Exhibit: June 24-27
R2-KT appeared at the opening of the "Where Science Meets Imagination" exhibit in Huntsville, AL

Charlotte, NC: ConCarolinas

Celebration V : Orlando, Florida : August 12-15

R2-KT had a blast at Celebration V in Orlando, Florida Aug 12-15! She took part in the induction of Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) and Ray Park (Darth Maul) into the Kilted Trooper Brigade. Check out the print by Gina Adler that graced their t-shirts for the weekend and check out her adventures area to see pics!

Celebration is the rare moment when Star Wars fans from all the world over can come together and celebrate the greatest saga of all time. So R2-KT was honored to have a special place for her in both the 501st room and the R2 Builders room. Wow, what a great time! Some fans wrote her to say they came to CV specifically to meet her! The magic really showed, too - it was a beautiful time. Love to all her fans!

Celebraton V : Bonnie Burton's Wedding
Bonnie Burton of Lucasfilm decided she'd found the perfect man: R2-D2. Celebration V featured a commitment ceremony chapel so what better time to join woman with droid? R2-KT was happy to serve as Bonnie's Maiden of Honor. After all, if she can't have R2-D2 then the least she can do is support her girl Bonnie. :)

Greenwood Science Museum: Sept 25

Charlotte Mini Comic Con

Kidsday Nashville: October 3

Wedding of Natasha Bieber and Justin Fisher
Hard to see R2-KT as a cake-topper in the pictures until you see the close-up of the cake when she and R2-D2 have moved to the table top. But she's there and making a splash at another special event.

Hemby Children's Hospital: Charlotte, NC

Verizon R2 Phone Release: September 29