R2-KT's Adventures in 2009

SheVaCon: February 27 - March 1 ; Roanoke, Virginia
R2-KT was invited to attend as a guest of SheVaCon for the weekend, and the R2 Builders took the opportunity to give R2 a long-overdue overhaul. Andy Schwartz led a team of crack droid jockeys to host a panel showcasing her repairs. (details pending) Big thanks to Andy and the others for installing her refurbished dome lights, replacing her data port with an aluminum version, replacing the utility arms and making them capable of popping out, moving her speaker to fit behind one of the vents, upgrading her remote controls, and replacing her batteries. Wow! The girl runs like a dream now! Thank you, fellas, you are a droid's best friends.

R2-KT Pit Crew
R2-KT couldn't make it to nearly as many events if it weren't for her PIT CREW team: brothers David and Kenneth Jordan. These guys have been 501st Legion members for years and are extremely motivated to help get R2-KT to her gigs so she can spread joy and the message of children's cancer research and treatment. I don't know what we'd do without these two heroes - they're the best. Thank you, Dave and Ken!

Hemby Children's Hospital: Charlotte, NC

Winston Salem Symphony Orchestra: presentation of John Williams music

Toastmaster's Conference: Greenville, SC

R2-KT made her second appearance at Dragoncon this year and was a big hit: hanging out with a dozen other droids, meeting Peter Mayhew, and even being honored by the 501st Legion's Kilted Trooper Brigade as an Honorary Member, kilt and all!

Home Visit
Home visit we did with a young boy suffering from cancer in the Kernersville NC area.