R2-KT's Adventures in 2008

Migennes Toy Festival: February in Migennes, France
On my trip to France the 501st French Garrison surprised us with some of our youngest supporters in uniform!

Clemson Lego Robotics Competition : February 16, 2008
Clemson University in South Carolina hosted the Lego Robotics competition. Hundreds of kids and aspiring droid builders converged to enjoy robotic hi-jinks. The Carolina Garrison was on hand to entertain the kids and escort R2-KT in her never-ending quest to touch lives and have fun.

Charlotte Comic Con: Charlotte, NC

Hemby Childrens Hospital: June 28, 2008
R2-KT's second hospital visit was to Charlotte, NC. Thankfully there weren't many children in the hospital at the time, which is always good news. But the ones who were there were excited to see the 501st Legion and R2 show up. One child's parents told us he was missing camp because he was in the hospital, but that our visit made up for missing camp. This was also the first trip where we could give away t-shirts donated by R2-KT's friends and action figures donated by Hasbro. R2-KT was all over the place and loving the smiles she got. This was truly a magical time!

Tega Cay 4th of July Parade: July 4, 2008: Tega Cay, SC
The city of Tega Cay near the North-South Carolina border invited the Legion for the second year in a row to their new 4th of July parade which gets bigger every year.

Toys'R'Us Pineville, NC : July 26, 2008
With the release of the Clone Wars movie coming up, the tradition of a midnight opening for the figures was bound to happen. The Carolina Garrison was there with R2-KT to help launch the event. Troopers, Clones, Scouts, Tuskens, Jedi and Padmes dressed and went out to mix and mingle with the growing crowd. Children were delighted as TK-899 helped induct several of them into the 501st as Honorary Imperial Cadets. Parents were just as delighted to take pictures. Several children were in costume and we had children sparring with lightsabers and even chasing down our own co-organizer of the event – TI1626 – David. Members posed with children and even let them hold their giant guns.

Around 11:50pm TK-899 Dean suited down to start a simultaneous podcast between Charlotte, New York and Taiwan! The crowd got more and more excited as the hour neared and at midnight the madness truly began! Crowds poured in and ravaged the shelves claiming goodies for themselves and their children.

And now it was R2-KT’s chance to shine. Everyone was overwhelmed to see a working droid and children clamored to get their pictures taken with her. Parents who hadn’t brought a camera quickly went a bought a disposable one. R2-KT was guard by TK 8750 - Garrett who dressed appropriately to match KT!

The crowd was going strong until after 1:00 a.m. when it trickled down and the finally the madness was over.


Cosmic City Vacation Bible School: August 6, 2008: Hickory, NC
Mike Johnson, member of the 501st Legion, is a youth minister and invited R2-KT to join in on the fun at his church's vacation bible school. None of the boys really wanted anything to do with her, but when the girls found out it was a pink robot then KT was all the rage! Dave Jordan, Ken Jordan, and Jessica DeVoll joined in to make it a cool Star Wars event.

Roper Mountain Science Center: October 11, 2008: Traveller's Rest, SC

Richmond Christmas Parade: December : Richmond, VA

Clonewars Premiere

Christmas Shots