Toys-For-Tots Drive

Toys for Tots, Toys R Us Columbia, SC November 4, 2006
The 501st Legion has been helping with toy drives for over five years now. R2-KT joined in and helped the Marines this year by entertaining the crowds at the start of the holiday shopping season. The Carolina Garrison held a great event, complete with jawas who couldn't keep their hands off our intrepid droid.
MOVIE CLIP of R2-KT moving and making noise at the Toys R Us store.

Carolina Garrison leaps into action

Kids! They love the droid. What can you do?

R2-KT joins the Marines in helping under-privileged kids get toys for Christmas

Geoffrey Giraffe partners up with R2-KT to rock Christmas and becomes the 4th famous mascot to appear with R2-KT!

Darn Jawas!

Me posing with R2-KT. Notice the Ewok. A fellow trooper loaned me his hollowed-out Ewok and I buried the RC inside its guts. I looked pretty silly carrying a bear around all day, but none of the kids could figure out who was controlling R2!