San Diego Comic Con 2007

Comic Con : trade show, comic convention, full media blow-out. Call it what you will, it's B-I-G! So it was no surprise that Hasbro chose Comic Con to showcase it's exclusive figure of R2-KT. And a good thing, too - the lines were wrapped around the convention center to get the pink droid's likeness. People stood beneath the huge tri-screen playing Star Wars and patiently waited for their chance to take the droid home. Standing at the entrance was none other than R2-KT herself, beside a huge pink sign detailing her story. Children lept to get their photo with her. Crowds swarmed the few times we took her out to travel the convention center. The Hasbro team involved in bringing her to life were there to proudly stand beside her. And R2-KT shirts were seen everywhere as the hottest item to have. It was a great weekend for R2-KT and a beautiful memorial to Katie herself.

Allie and I catch our first glimpse of our baby after her two month stay in California.

Behold! Part of the line waiting for the R2-KT figure! The Star Wars booth sold out of the figure and people eventually had to look for one at the Hasbro booth. Unreal!

The 501st Legion inducted Derryl Depriest, head of the marketing for R2-KT at Hasbro, as an Honorary Member. Congratulations, Derryl! We're glad you're on the team!

A very nice lady presented Allie with a hand-made knit cap designed after R2-KT's dome. Very cool! And no sooner had I handed out all the R2-KT shirts than some cute kids begged me for some of their own. How could I resist?

Star Wars artist Allison Sohn agreed to create original artwork for the 501st Droid Hunt badge for Comic Con. She chose to depict R2-KT as the droid being pursued. Her work captured a mood for R2-KT in the piece that was both playful and coy.

Allie and I decided to take R2-KT out for a stroll with William Miyamoto's droid. The small child stole the show by marching right up to the droids to see what was going on. So cute.

Matt Wood aka General Grievous poses with Allie and R2-KT

A flock of Padmes descend to visit the pink droid

R2-KT had many fans that weekend...

Group shots of me, Allie, Mary Franklin (the sweetheart of Lucasfilm who ran the Star Wars booth all weekend), and Mike "Bat Frog" Phelps (Mike repaired R2-KT's rear stickers)