Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day: May 5, 2007
Free Comic Book Day is a comics industry annual event where comic shops around the country give away comics and demonstrate the joy of reading comics to fans everywhere. It's a lot of fun and we're always ready to support our buddy Jody and his shop, Comic Nirvana, located in Lexington, SC. It's a very family-friendly place and R2 was on hand in spite of bad weather to bring a big smile to some small fans.

Packing for the Open Road! : May 18, 2007
R2-KT is going on a trip! Lucasfilm has heard of R2-KT and has invited her to attend the greatest Star Wars convention ever, Celebration IV in Los Angeles May 25-28. So it's off to the drawing board to design a capsule for our favorite pink droid to travel in. I used 3/4" sheets of plywood and 4"x4" posts to create a 36" x 36" x 48" crate, reinforced with 5" L-brackets, supported by 2"x4" slats to allow the forklift to pick it up, and all put together with 10x2 wood screws so it's easy to break down. Kathy lent a hand and did a great job putting it all together.

To save money we shipped from a business address. Jody of Comics Nirvana in Lexington, SC was cool enough to let us use his storefront as the pick-up spot. Re-assembly was a snap. Notice the eye-bolts came in handy for tying R2-KT to the frame, and a nice pillow protected her head. Tons of packing material made sure she was water-resistant and cushioned against any possible bumps. We wish we'd had more time to decorate her crate, but a quick sharpy job at least announced to the world that this was R2's pod! Good luck, R2-KT - we can't wait to see you shine in L.A.!