Richland Children's Hospital

Palmetto Richland Childrens Hospital, February 10 2007
R2-KT's first ever hospital visit! This was the hospital where Katie was treated, so it has a very special place in our heart. R2-KT was very excited to meet the children and hand out treats while posing for pictures along with the Carolina Garrison. One child couldn't move except to reach out and touch R2-KT's dome lovingly for several minutes. It was a tender moment. R2 was just happy to spread joy - these children needed a lift and the troopers and R2 were there to offer it.

And some pics stolen from Andy Cobb's website (thanks, Andy!)...
Apparently R2-KT thought this hospital trash can was an old friend of hers...

Winston-Salem Symphony Orchestra - John Williams Tribute - January 27, 2007
The Carolina Garrison was invited to appear at "Pops Night" and perform during the Star Wars pieces. R2-KT could not participate in the show due to all the wireless traffic from the microphones but she entertained the kids in the foyer during intermission and before and after the show. R2-KT's friend the Jawa was there to hang out with her.