Celebration IV

At CELEBRATION IV, Los Angeles California
May 25-28, 2007

The biggest Star Wars celebration ever and R2-KT was there, hanging out in the Droid Builders room with all of her brothers and sisters and meeting Star Wars fans from all over the world.

Allison Sills and Kathy Skirmont coordinated the ANH Princess costume photo shoot with the R2 builders club's help and R2-KT as their honorary mascot. Photo taken by David Skirmont, Kathy's hubby. Wow! Have you ever seen that many gorgeous Leias at one time? Doesn't happen often. R2-KT seems very happy to play the princess with them.

Somebody pinch me - a room full of Leias is my idea of heaven! Lots of assorted Princess pics here. In the last picture, Kristen from the New Jersey Rebel Legion took a moment to make this gorgeous portrait. Her husband, Will, actually appeared on the CBS Early Show when Katie was first diagnosed to hold up a sign advertising the forkatie.org website. We love you guys!

Andrea comes by and heats things up with her slave Leia costume. Notice her toe nails are painted to match R2-KT!

Scott Rose aka Fire Trooper from the 501st Legion got a chance to snap this pic of his kids Savannah and Brandon with our girl. Scott's family suffered the loss of their house in early 2007 and the 501st Legion banded together to raise thousands of dollars to help them. R2-KT can agree that this is what it's all about.

Mary sends pics she took from the presentation. The first one is when R2-KT first came thru the door at the Hasbro panel announcing R2-KT becoming an action figure.

Here is R2-KT with Nique, Mary's 6 year-old, then with CX2369 from the 501st Legion (Mary's husband), and finally a shot of R2-KT by herself.

Behold! The Hasbro Team that made it all happen! L to R are Brian parrish (designer), Derryl DePriest (marketing), Scott Will (501st Legion Merchandise and Branding Officer), and Dave Vennemeyer (sculpting). Brian designed the figure and got the logo on the back. Dave Reeves (not in the pic) did the package design. He is also known as "Rav Deeves" from the 501st Trooper at Comic-Con 2006.

Miko surprised us all by appearing in her custom snowtrooper costume dyed pink! I think they make a pretty good team. Looking good, Miko!

TK7602 from the New England Garrison of the 501st caught R2-KT strolling the main hall of the convention center, while Nick Bishop from Australia spent a moment with her in the droid room.

TD8310 from the Mid-West Garrison of the 501st caught one fan planting a virtual smooch on KT in spite of the ropes getting in the way...

Achtung! The German Garrison visits R2-KT: Hubert, Jennifer, and Jorg inspect to make sure she is in top form. Show us the love, Jennifer!

R2-KT in her place in the Droid Builders room. The ladies and kids loved R2-KT. They had to move her away from the door and onto a stage because there was a bottleneck at the door from people stopping to see her and take photos. The other two droids on stage are, on the left the Disney R2-D2 and on the right, the ILM R2-D2. Wow, nice company!