R2-KT to become an Action Figure!

Hasbro notified me in early 2007 to say that they had heard of R2-KT and wanted to make an official action figure of her. The figure will be a limited edition toy available only at San Diego Comic Con July 25-29 and online at hasbrotoyshop.com and at starwarsonline. All proceeds will be going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation with a projected benefit of over $100,000 to be raised from sales.

Here is the artwork for the front and back of the R2-KT card that was included with the figure. Hasbro used the card Scott Will and Thomas Spanos designed for the 501st Legion card set, of which this was number 265. Katie's older sister, Allie, is in the jawa costume you see in the picture on the back and she even helped me write the text for the back of the card.

Los Angeles: Celebration IV
On May 25, exactly thirty years to the day since Star Wars first came out in theaters, Hasbro officially announced news of the figure at the largest Star Wars covention ever held. To the left is a shot of the figure on display at the Hasbro booth. Click on the link below to see the web page talking about the announcement, including a film clip of the presentation: http://www.rebelscum.com/story/events/c4_video_forcecast_tv_hasbro_special_announcements_106437.asp

Here are pics from the Hasbro panel where they made the announcement.

Here is R2-KT with 6-year-old Nique, with CX2369 from the 501st Legion, and with two of the Hasbro reps posing with Scott Will from the 501st, who is responsible for helping broker the deal.

Big thanks go out to Hasbro and Derryl Depriest for making this project a reality. Every step of the way they believed in paying tribute to the memory of my daughter, Katie, and doing something for kids. It's not often you hear about a company caring that much. God bless Hasbro.

Preview of the packaging
Version one of the packaging.
Version two of the packaging after some re-work was done on the text, art, and what card would be included.

Assembly in China
Here are insider pics of the assembly process straight from the Chinese factories. Pretty cool!
Left Leg: Assembly, the Ultra Sonic Weld, and Gluing the Tube
Right Leg: Assembly, the Ultra Sonic Weld, and Gluing the Tube
Center Leg: Assembly, the Ultra Sonic Weld, Assembling the Base with Wheel, and the Ultra Sonic Weld of Base with Wheel
Assembling the Torso, Ultra Sonic Weld of the Torso, and Screwing the Axis into the Body
Assembling the Clutch, Head Parts, and the Head itself, then the Ultra Sonic Weld of the Head

Packaging mock-ups

Coating for Hot Seal, Attaching the PVC Sheet, and Heat Sealing the PVC Sheet
Fixing the Figure, Fixing the Figure into the Blister, and Assembling the Insert. Finally, coating for the Hot Seal.
Assemblies 1, 2, and 3

Back-side of the droid figure: notice that both the KJ heart logo on the inside right foot, and the "In loving memory of Katie Johnson" bumper on the back have been reproduced. Hasbro did this right!

Hasbro sent us 27 boxes of the KT action figures, whicih were delivered to children in hospitals and Make-A-Wish kids!