The Beginning...

R2-KT's maiden voyages.
Before coming down to SC to live with us, R2-KT was treated to some events up in New England. In this photo I blatantly stole from Jerry (thanks, Jerry!) you see R2-KT pal'ing around with R2-R9, another droid made by Jerry. This was taken at the closing weekend of the Star Wars Imagination Exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. I'm not sure where the second photo was taken, but it was sent in by a fan who was at one of the events R2-KT attended while still in New England.

The Presentation
July 8, 2006: Jerry Greene presented the Johnson Family with R2-KT at Shoreleave Con in Baltimore, Maryland.

Here are pics from the event that I stole from Jerry's personal site. (Thanks, Jerry!)

And here are pics that were posted on Greg Tracy's astromechbuilders site ( I shamelessly borrowed these as well, so we could have all the pics in one spot to look at! Thank you, Greg!

Saying 'Thank You'
Once home, R2-KT posed for some family pictures including this one with a beautiful lithograph of an Episode III 501st clone trooper. It was presented to the family by the Mountain Garrison of the 501st Legion, autographed by its members and naming Katie Johnson an honorary member of their Garrison.