Halloween & DVD Release

Nursery Road Elementary Halloween Festival, October 27 2006
R2-KT joined Zig the Pig, Cocky the Gamecock, and four troopers of the Carolina Garrison 501st to entertain children at my daughter's school. The entire activity arena was her playground. As you can see, she was able to meet some very excited children, including a girl Vader and a blue 501st clone trooper! Everyone was so happy to meet the spunky little droid.

R2-KT and the Carolina Garrison stand ready, including Brian Judy and some guys new to the Garrison: David, Kenneth, and Charles.

Kids love the Biker Scouts and the Royal Guard. Everyone did a great job with the kids. The school was thrilled to have us.

Kids! Kids! Kids! I think R2-KT was well received.

Another successful mission - the 501st and R2-KT enjoy photo ops with Zig the Pig, Cocky, and the Piggly Wiggly Pig (no joke - what a hilarious mascot). And I thought armor was a funny costume to wear!

Star Wars DVD Release, September 2006
With the release of the Star Wars DVD retro versions and the second Star Wars Lego video game, R2-KT visited the local Best Buy to help promote the event and ran into some stormtrooper trouble. Nothing she can't handle, though!